Saturday, 20 July 2013



It's the Summer Season and here at Taupo we've been a hub of new creations!!

As promised here's a few of them I'd like to share with you along with their special offers..

Gorgeous Lacey hanging hearts...normally 3.95 each

Special Offer ~Buy 2 for 6.00  plus just 1.75 p&p

please email to order.
 Denim Glitter Brooches ~ normally 3.50 each

Special Offer ~  any 2 for 5.00 plus 1.95 p&p

Please email to order

   There will be lots of NEW special offers on a regular basis so be sure to pop in on a regular basis to hear of them first!!



  Well it seems we're into the season of Craft fairs!!

Everyone's been busy designing and creating lots of amazing goodies to share with the public and TAUPO is no different..

It's been a mayhem of fabrics, ideas, designing and snip, snip, snip, ,,, sew, stuff, sew.. 
 Along with the usual questions like have I got a table?? how much stock do I take?? how much float?? ..

 So I thought I'd pop together a few top tips to help new crafters along..

 I hope you enjoy reading about my personal experiences or if there's something I've forgotten please feel free to add a comment or ask a question..

Okay so you've decided to accept a CRAFT FAIR in a few weeks time.. yeah that's good.. a few weeks is plenty of time to get organised isn't it??? ...So you would think..!! But you'll be amazed that when juggling families, maybe a day job , school runs, domestic bliss and playing taxi to the older children just how quickly the time flys!! If you're lucky you'll have a head start with items you've already made around the home, but at TAUPO we tend to mostly make to order to save on costs of items nobody for me it was manic mayhem with lots of late nights and early mornings..=)



Always try to choose fairs nearby, or if it's an unfamiliar area then do your homework. If you have time do a trial run to find out how long it will take to get there, allow for morning traffic, and take a look at the place you'll be going. Take note of parking facilities~the last thing you want to do is have to hump your stock 3 miles to your pitch.!! Yes that's happened to me.. =)


Try to be a little different from other crafters and make your pitch stand out with eye catching signs and banners.. I made mine but there are lots of different ways to let people know who and where you are..

 From colourful bunting, to posters and signs.. make sure no-one can miss you!! And lots of business cards to either give out or pop into your bags after a sale ~ it means people can find you after the event. I use mine as labels for my items.

So you have the basics of your stall, find out if you need to supply your own tables or display stands as some organisers provide them .. make sure your displays ( boxes, baskets, stands etc) are in tip top condition ..


That's a tough one.. I suggest you do some research on previous events the venue has held..If its a regular monthly fair then chances are people are already craft browsing fanatics and will return time after time, so be prepared. I suggest that you double your hoped for selling if you plan to sell 50-100 pounds of take a value of 100-200 pounds worth with can never have too much really, but a little something of everything you make would be an order book so people can place orders of your makes if you're down to the last one.


Try to be eye-catching by using different levels for your items..These can be expensive to buy but if you have an old chest of drawers, old wooden shoe rack, or crate then simply paint it neutral and use that, like in this photo. The items act like shelves and you can get smaller goodies seen instead of them being stacked behind each other and overlooked.

Try to use a maximum of 2/3 colours only.  Also try to ensure the material is floor length, that way you can store items under the table. Don’t over clutter your stall, you can always keep replenishing it. Too many items makes your tables look untidy !!

Lastly practice your display, before the event and take some photos, it may help you remember where things went.  Time yourself too, so you have an idea how long it will take you to set up on the day.


Make sure your items are clearly labeled and priced up.. to save time on this you can use folded cards with any offers, descriptions and prices on.
Take an assortment of packaging and wrap with you..different sized bags and tissue for any delicate items ~ it not only looks good but you can pop your business card in the bags as well. If you have your name on the bags it can be FREE advertising for your stall.


 Things to remember to take with you include a Calculator,
 notebook (to write down orders and  comments),
 bluetack (to help stick things up or down if it’s windy),
 mirror if people need to try things on. 

 Float money, take plenty of change and enough to pay for your stall, a money belt or somewhere to keep your money safe.
 An up to date Sales list so you can keep track of sales. 
 Some food and drink, you may not get chance to leave your stall if you are on your own.
  Lastly take something you are already working on or already making, handy if it’s quiet and people do like to see you making things...


Enjoy yourself.. I hope this has been helpful..xx


Saturday, 4 May 2013

TAUPO CREATIONS... The story so far...

Hi there followers... it seems I've been absent a little too long, but rest assured I've been uber busy with designing and creating lots of gorgeous goodies!!

With the continued support of friends family and customers TAUPO has gone from strength to strength so heartfelt thanks go out to them all.

It's now 2013, and the year is passing in a flurry or fabrics ~ an addiction that finds me hunting high and low online, at markets, charity shops or raiding cast-offs from everyone I know ~ I simply can't resist colour and textures.. so much so that family have now given up and expect to find me one day buried beneath it all......Anyone who works with textiles would totally understand!!! haha...

So forgive my absence and hang on to the seat of your pants for further regular updates on latest products and events.. even a few tutorials to delight!!! Who know you may just become a fabric addict like myself !!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

A time for change....

***A Time for Changes***

Hi there Followers.. You may have noticed there's been a few new additions to Taupo this past month with the introduction of FABRIC ACCESSORIES.

This range includes Flower Rings, Brooches and Hair Clips.. even a few Ballerina Hair clip Holders!!! Eventually I'm home to add a vintage range with keyrings, bagchanms and magnets. It's always daunting trying out new ideas..but thankfully the excitement far outweighs the fear and I love that feeling of achievement and the flutter of butterflies when you recieve good feedback.

So.. its a new Year and a time to embrace changes..hopefully Taupo will continue with it's current success and things will move forward fresh and renewed.


I have my first ever CRAFT FAYRE in March.. given that I usually only make items to request it's a whole new challenge for me and I'll actually have stock prepared, ready-to-go!! I'm really looking forward to socialising and meeting like-minded people who knows I may even get a few sales..bonus..

In the meantime I'm left to prepare!!!  Oh my.. what to make, what to take...the mind goes at 100miles an hour... and with 3 weeks to go I'm no further forward, hahah.. Of course I'll take a few of my popular makes, but as I've never been to a craft market let alone held a stall I want to try an appeal to many different tastes.. Friends and family have been an amazing support as usual throwing ideas at me~everything from *Kiddies Lunch bags*, *Peg Bags*, *Patchwork Tea Cosies and Caffiteire Covers*, *Fabric Coasters and Placemats*... so dont be suprised if you see some of these items added to my Taupo Creations Fan Page..!!!

 We also have Valentines Day on the horizon for which I'm currently making up some vintage heart hangers with roses and lace. I'm such a "Hopeless Romantic" and as I've aged, I'm more fancyful and feminine in my choices.. though the same could never be said of the husband.. haha...Bless him, but he has other attributes such as his ability to make a mean stir-fry so he can be forgiven..=)

I'll post some photos of the new hearts next week and I'm hoping you'll like them as much as me.In the meantime I'd like to wish you all...........

love and hugs

from Liz at TAUPO


Thursday, 19 January 2012


Hello there and a very warm welcome to Taupo Creations.

This is my blogsopt and here I'm hoping to give you occassional insights to my world, which on occassion can be a wild and wacky place to be!!! Alongside which there will be information on new products, ideas and creations, special offers, personal achievements and even a few inside tips, patterns and instructions so that you too can make homesewn crafts for your loved ones.

Firstly, I think I should tell you a bit about myself and how I came to be a work~at ~home Mum, discovered my love of sewing and creating plus those special people who have inspired , motivated and encouraged me to follow my dreams , who alongside my fans on Facebook, have enabled me to continue making unique, bespoke items just for you.x


This is me........and my name's Liz.

I was born in New Zealand some 40 odd years ago.... gulp that seems like forever away on occassion!! haha.

My mother was a beautiful, warm and loving Aboriginal woman who was both creative and a huge inspitation in my life , my father was a family loving Welsh man.. full of ethics and values with high expectaions for his 2 daughters. I think if both were still here they'd be proud of what we've achieved... Everything I've ever done has been with a view to making my parents proud, even though I have no doubt they would have loved me regardless..

Anyway, we emigrated to Britain when I was 8 and I've lived in the same area all my life, going on to have my own family and home.. its been an experience at times but I really wouldnt change a thing or I wouldnt be who I am today.

All of my family have artistic attributes.. from pottery making , to metal work, sewers , knitters and wedding I guess somewhere along the line it was inevitable I'd find my creative side and it took a huge health scare to push me in the right direction ~that combined with lots of love, support and belief from some amazing friends.

Which brings us to Taupo Creations.....its going to be a journey of discovery which I'm hoping you'll join me on..I'm looking forward to it and hope you will too.xx

Much love